How to Choose a Career When You Can’t Decide

“What do I want to do for the rest of my life?”

How do you choose the right career path when there are hundreds, if not thousands of possible options? You might have searched through tonnes of job ads and researched many potential companies, but sometimes, you still find yourself torn between the various options as you ponder over which role or area really suits your skills and personality.

Here are some tips on how to narrow your search and choose the right career for you!

1. Cancel out what you clearly don’t like

You may have many interests, but there are clearly things that you strongly dislike and would never go for. So, take the time to determine what really interests and bores you, but be sure not to rule out career interests you are still unsure of.  Just cancel out the things you have absolutely no interest in.2.

2. Take a Career Assessment

Standardized tests shouldn’t make decisions for you, but they can get you started in the right direction. Career assessment tests serve as a good guideline as they strike a balance between your abilities and interests, making recommendations for possible career paths based on the answers you give.

3. List out the Pros & Cons

Every career has its ups and downs and before you choose one, it is important that you are clear on what you’re in for each career option. Read related reviews and job descriptions for each career and make a list of its pros and cons!

4. Start Exploring and Networking

You can also use social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to find and reach out to people who have jobs that interest you. You can politely drop them a DM,  ask them how they started out in their career, what they enjoy about it, and any advice they might have. You might be surprised how helpful strangers can be - most would probably be glad that they’ve been asked for career advice and be more than happy to offer it.

5. Use What You've Learned to Reprioritize your Options

After developing a better understanding of your interests, you are now down to your final few choices -  one step closer to your goal.

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