Why Pursuing a Career in Talent Acquisition can be a Great Choice?

Remember as a kid, your parents/relatives would ask “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Chances are, your answers would have revolved around becoming a doctor, lawyer, or pilot, or even a teacher. Perhaps, the thought of becoming a talent acquisition specialist has never crossed your mind as even as a fresh graduate, it can be rare to find friends aspiring to choose talent acquisition as a career.

The truth is, being a talent acquisition specialist is possibly one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. Instead of being the one trying to land a job, being a talent acquisition specialist hands you the privilege of choosing candidates for a job. As everyone strives to keep up with the changes during this pandemic, companies are seeking the best methods to attract and retain top talents. Long gone were the days of relying on traditional recruitment methods, we are now moving onto technology and social media to help pick the best talents from the pool.

So, you may be wondering what does the job of a talent acquisition specialist entails? Imagine it as being a matchmaker between companies and potential candidates - you should have a sharp sense of judgement to gauge talent potentials and help bridge the job-skills mismatch gaps by connecting the right people to the right jobs. It is not just about finding highly qualified applicants to fill in the vacancies, but it is more about finding the right fit for the company’s culture. Thus, great communication and interpersonal skills are must-have tools to be a successful talent acquisition specialist.

Here’s 3 BIG reasons to convince you further on, why you should pursue a career in the talent acquisition industry.

1. No Experience? Fret Not!
While it is true that holding a degree in human resource might give you a competitive edge, being a talent acquisition specialist does not entail complicated or strict requirements. The focus of being a talent acquisition specialist lies in your interpersonal skills rather than just educational background or rich experience. As long as you demonstrate great communication skills coupled with the good attitude, you can join the talent acquisition industry even as a fresh grad.

2. Be the Agent of Change
Being a talent acquisition specialist gives you an opportunity to change people’s lives as you help others land their dream job, making your career a purposeful and meaningful one. And even if they cannot secure the job, you can always help them improve their chances and nail the next opportunity that comes in their way.
Additionally, you can bring change to the company as well. When you are able to find the right talent for the right position, you are essentially helping the company thrive better in today’s competitive business environment - and even better, you’re also helping to sustain our local talent pool in the nation’s workforce!

3. Chance to Meet Great People
If you love to constantly meet and socialise with new people, working as a talent acquisition specialist will offer you a chance to engage directly with great individuals in the various fields. Meeting with high-level executives could be part of your daily schedule. You can then use this chance to know them personally and expand your network! Hustle hard and you may find yourself progressing fast in your career!

So, do you have what it takes to be a great talent acquisition specialist? SearchAsia is now expanding and are looking for individuals who are keen to explore a career in talent acquisition! For more information, contact us at careers@searchasia.com.sg or drop us a DM on our Instagram @searchasia today!